Using This Site

Ways to Use this Site

The articles and resources on this website provide the possibility of a variety of uses. The following suggestions are examples:

  • Read the articles and use the website information to gain better understanding for yourself of Baptist beliefs, polities, and practices.
  • Share the material and the information person-to-person with family and friends.
  • Use the material as the basis for a group study.
  • Make copies of the articles and use them for posters or handouts in your church.
  • Utilize the materials as the basis for a new members class in your church.
  • If you are a teacher of a class — Sunday School, college, seminary — use the materials to supplement the class resources.
  • If you are a pastor, use the materials as a resource for a series of sermons on Baptist beliefs, polity, and practices both for personal study and for handouts.
  • Use the resources found in Books and Online Resources on this website to find additional information on Baptist Beliefs and Heritage.